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All You Need to Know About Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers help users create networks that foster safe and secure communication that are cost effective. Read here to learn more.

By Marcus Davidson

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A Virtual Private Server, commonly known by the acronym VPS, refers to a popular service offered by Internet Hosting service providers to host websites securely. VPS offers the next logical option to hosting especially where the limitations of shared hosting prevent numerous limitations.

To better understand the concept, consider a hosting service where you get all the features of a shared hosting plan from an internet service hosting platform. You know, where multiple websites rely on a single server. Now, consider a dedicated server; a shrewd hosting method that adds you several layers of security and privacy by allowing you to host your website in a server dedicated just to you.

A VPS combines these two hosting environments; shared hosting and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to offers users secure hosting space where their data is safe from prying eyes.

How Does VPS Work?

If the Virtual Box or VMware are familiar terms, then you probably know how VPS works. Technically, a VPS allows you to have numerous virtualized operating systems on a single computer server.

A good example is your computer running, say, Windows 10 but gives you an allowance to run Windows XP or even Linux on the background. And, though it is possible to share a server with another user in a VPS environment, you can rest assured that there will be no overlap of whatever kind resulting from any sharing arrangement that is in place.

Why Would You Need a VPS?

Before you know more about what a VPS can do for you, it is important to know that the service is akin to a clean slate. You, the user, are free to do whatever you want. That said, here are a few cool stuff you can do with a VPS.

Host Your VPN

You probably are aware that your browsing data is a prime product now. With every website packaging this product for sale, it probably is the right time to take your privacy a little more seriously.

Hosting your VPN gives you a trusted, open source solution that comes with immense flexibility and the ability to customize the space whichever way you want.

Install a Personal Cloud

Cloud computing easily stands at the future of technology. Aside from syncing your data, you can do the same with your contacts and calendars. And, cloud computing also gives you the freedom to collaborate virtually, manage tasks, and do a lot more.

Plus, having a personal cloud on a VPS helps you ensure that you can access it from anywhere. And, you have the peace of mind that it is always secure and in your control at all times.

Manage Your IoT Devices

This probably is the coolest of all applications considering that IoT has taken the tech space by storm. The applications of the technology stretch from healthcare, to energy, to commerce, to mention just a few. Coupled with other hot tech innovations such as the blockchain, IoT can help you achieve a lot both, at the personal and enterprise levels.

If your home or business has a lot of embedded smart devices and sensors, then creating a management hub for these devices on your VPS is the only smart thing to do. The data you collect can be relayed to the VPN for analysis using any appropriate management tool.

Stay Connected Using VoIP

A private space for communication is now available at a premium. However, with a VPS, you can create a self-hosted VoIP for secure communications with friends, family and associates. Luckily, the net is awash with open source options such as Mumble, which work great with Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The Most Trusted VPS Providers

Internet service providers introduced the pioneer VPS services about a decade or so before the turn of the millennia. And, a good number of these are still going strong. Also, a number of newcomers have put a formidable front as well. Among the leading providers are:

Bluehost – This provider is ideal for the novice looking to put online his or her first website. It offers a free permanent domain and has 8GB RAM coupled with 4 CPU cores as well as unlimited email accounts; a really good deal!
HostGator – The best uptime and good features are this provider’s selling points.
GoDaddy – It is the world’s largest registrar of domains. This service provider has impressive hosting packages and a brilliant website builder to boot.
iPage – Aside from the standard offers, iPage boosts its provisions with superior add-ons such as free site backups, impressive customer service, and an SSL certificate with every VPS subscription.
A2 Hosting – This is another provider that is great with newbies. Its help and support, money-back guarantee, and invaluable advice is unbeatable.

In Summation

Virtual Private Servers can serve a whole loads of purposes. Providing a safe and secure space for facilitating all manner of communication is just one of these. It is a good investment in these times, you must admit.

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