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Content May Be King but Anonymity is Supreme!

Surfing porno sites without protection is dumb. Check out porno sites the right way using a crypto mixer in combination with the information provided here.

By Mika Nordin

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Many people that choose to make payments online for whatever products or services do not know that such transactions do not guarantee them complete anonymity. With the number of people turning online for adult entertainment, this fact is worrying. However, because you can be safe just by tumbling Bitcoins so that your payments are untraceable, why not make the reliable crypto mixers part of your naughty escapades?

Look around you! What are you trying to do? Get busy maybe? Taking matters into your own hands? Well…are you sure you are alone and no one else is watching?

With the advent of technology, accessing adult content has become a lot easier that ordering a piece of furniture from Ikea. And, paying for the content you access is even easier with the many platforms that now accept crypto as a form of payment.

However, not even crypto payments can guarantee you anonymity. Well, not unless you employ the services of crypto mixers. If you have never heard of the process of tumbling Bitcoins or crypto mixers, then you are probably lost already.

But if anonymity means anything to you, then this statement should not sound complicated, instead you should hang around longer and learn about all the dangers of beating your meat without using protection. Besides, we also share the steps that will obscure even your mistiest of moments.

Risks of Trudging the Online Adult Entertainment Provisions Unmasked

Do you care about your browsing history? Better yet, do you share a computer with others? Do you care what they may think about you if they took a peek into what you do while online?

Visiting porn sites come with clear and present danger. Some of these can be avoided by using virtual private network (VPN) while others require a combo of both VPN and crypto mixers. Here is a look at some five dangers.

Porn and Data Breaches

Hackers have an opportunity to steal sensitive information from you whenever you browse the web via your real IP address. It is even easier if you visit porn sites unmasked since all these hoodlums need to do is link your IP address to the pornographic search data that your machine rakes in.

Going online unmasked also exposes the porn sites you visit as well as its users. A while back, the popular porn site Brazzers was attacked via such a leak. More than 800,000 were compromised in the process. Such an attack can occur when surfing incognito as well.

Data Leaks and Privacy of Browsing History

We have sufficiently established that your browsing history is a matter you need to hold dear. It is the appropriate attitude to adopt, not only because your associates can use it against you but also because a single visit to a wrong site while unmasked is enough to get you into serious trouble. You can either suffer blackmail or some of the popular online services can blacklist your IP address making you ineligible for whatever products or services they are offering.

This aspect may seem like a trivial matter. However, anyone familiar with the case will be wise to take it seriously. This Canadian site that is popular among married people that want to spice their lives with extra-marital affairs was once hacked. The intruders demanded that the webmaster take down the website or else the hackers release information of the site’s users.

The website administrators called the hacker’s bluff. True to their word, they spilled about 9GB of data from the website into another darknet website. The information from the hackers was as comprehensive as can be; it contained not only the email addresses and usernames but also more innate data such as sexual preferences, corporate documents, biographical data, and GPS locations of the users.


The easiest way to infect your computer is to surf the pornography platforms without protection, no pun intended. You would think that everyone would know this considering that adult pleasure and protection are almost bedmates now.

You should note that the malware talked about in here is not distributed by the pornography sites; rather, it is facilitated by malvertising. You see, these porn sites value their business. It, therefore, does not make sense embedding risks that will tarnish their reputation.

The advertising networks that broadcast ads in these platforms, however, have no qualms playing by the rules. One accidental click on an ad with such material may leave you with a worm, virus, Trojan or any other such risk that can incapacitate your computer. Worse still, such virus can be used to blackmail users. The publishers, for instance, can threaten to release you browsing history or report you to the authorities for engaging in unlawful activity unless you pay a ransom.

Besides, these bugs are modifiable, can be easily cloned and can bypass security checks a lot more easily, and they mostly masquerade as duplicate apps. You, therefore, need to exercise caution whenever you are pleasuring yourself online.

Third-Party Trackers

Every moment you visit the internet; you leave a unique footprint. This statement may not seem impactful but if you consider that this footprint may entail private information you share with the site you visit; you may be prompted to act cautiously.

When you present a request to visit a website, you create two kinds of requests; the first-party request that directs you to the website of choice, and a third-party request to the ad trackers linked to the site you are visiting.

The footprint you leave online as such, shares your IP address, location, systems hardware, browser information, and so much more. The frightening bit is that most of the ad trackers online keep very detailed profiles, and they never shy off from sharing these profiles with other companies.

Legal Complications Associated with Traffic to Porn Sites

Aside from malvetising, people that distribute illegal files have taken a liking of porn sites to do so. When you visit a porn site, as such, you may end up with an illegal file even without you knowing.

In 2010, there was an incident involving individuals using a virus to store child pornography in the hard disks of unsuspecting innocent individuals. If your computer was infected, you ended up with child porno in your machine without your knowledge.

Trouble begins when concerned authorities realize that you are have such material in your possession. You can end up spending years behind bars for a folly you are not responsible for.

Surfing Porno Sites While Using Protection

The need for protection while visiting porno sites cannot be overemphasized. Protecting your browsing history and private information is very important. Besides, if you have to make payment, then obscuring your transactions is just as important. This piece provides priceless information on how to buy goods and services anonymously.

Covering your trails while in the porno space is twofold; you require VPN to obscure private information such as your location, IP address, and machine specs, and a crypto mixer to ensure that your transaction details are covered.

Using a VPN to Conceal Your Digital Footprint

By definition, a VPN refers to a secure space, a tunnel if you may, between two or more devices where web traffic is secured from snooping, censorship, and interference.

Using it is as easy as downloading the preferred client, setting up the service, and connecting your device to the VPN server.

Setting up the service refers to the entire process of creating an account on the VPN platform and subscribing to the preferred service plan or bundle.

Using a Crypto Mixer to Conceal Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Transactions

Tumbling Bitcoins using a crypto mixer is the ONLY way to transact online using cryptocurrencies. Granted, most people still access services online and even pay for these services using cryptocurrencies without obscuring their traffic. Doing so is akin to engaging in a criminal offence whose punishment is leaving your wealth exposed.

Sad as that may sound, it is a relief that using a crypto mixer to protect yourself is ridiculously easy. For starters, get a credible mixer, also called Bitcoin tumbler. A good number now exist online including this mixer that is the editor’s choice.

With the preferred mixer in mind, create a discreet cryptocurrency address and key on the wallet’s information to the mixer. If you are making a payment; the recipient’s address can go in the place of this discreet address. Then, send the amount you wish to clean into the crypto mixer. Now all you have to do is key in your preferred mixing specifics and wait for the transaction duration to play out.

You will not only have transacted safely but will also have ensured that your cryptocurrency holding is above scrutiny.

In Summary

With the advent of technology, accessing adult pleasure online probably is one of the easiest undertakings. However, getting it without protection very risky. It is good news, though, that getting protection is extremely easy. Grab the combination of a VPN and a crypto mixer and you are good to go.

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