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The best Bitcoin mixers in Germany

If you are looking for the best Bitcoin mixer in Germany, you are spoilt for choice. We will tell you what makes the best mixers for Germany.

By Max Baumgaertner

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To achieve the highest possible Bitcoin anonymity, you can wash Bitcoin by chasing it through a blender. Such crypto mixers also exist for other crypto currencies and all of them act as third-party services that disguise and split an existing connection between sender and receiver address. We have taken a closer look at a number of Bitcoin mixers and briefly summarized the best mixers for you. We also tell you what you should look out for in order to remain anonymous with Bitcoin.

What makes a good Bitcoin mixer

A good Bitcoin mixer should meet several criteria. Of course, it should mix Bitcoins reliably, pay out over different time intervals and be easy to use. Ideally, it also offers the option of creating a different crypto currency mix in addition to Bitcoins, so that the crypto wash can be designed as comprehensively and individually as possible.

But this is not all. We have summarized for you here what else you should consider if you want to create an anonymous Bitcoin mix using a mixer.

Security through two factors

It is very important that you can determine the security factor and the level of anonymity yourself. This can be achieved by two factors:

1. Time interval between transactions
2. Multiple input and output addresses

For example, if you want to mix 1 Bitcoin, it is much safer not to get back the full amount of Bitcoin minus fees a short time later, as this would be quite understandable, but to get it back in several small parts over as long a period as possible. This makes the transaction much more opaque. Anonymity can be increased if the different Bitcoin packages come from several different payout addresses. If the mixer does not offer this, it may be advisable to use different deposit addresses and not to mix 1 Bitcoin in one sum, but to split it into several small transactions.

Fair fees

The fees charged for mixing should be transparent and fair. The tumblers charge different fees depending on the safety standard, which increases the transparency, because everyone can put together his desired safety standard according to his wishes and then pays appropriate fees depending on the time delay and quality of the mixing.

In any case, you should make sure that the fees due for the crypto currency mix are openly communicated and can be easily traced.


In a decentralised, unregulated market it is difficult to identify black sheep. We therefore recommend that you place your Bitcoins exclusively in trustworthy hands and always be skeptical of new providers and blunt advertising promises. Pay attention to test reports and experiences before choosing a provider.

Mixing procedure

Not every mixer is of the same high quality. Even the best Bitcoin mixer is of little use to you if the security measures of the provider can be levered out afterwards so that all transactions can be deanonymized again. Over time, security standards have improved significantly. While in the first generation of mixing services security could be broken with a simple taint analysis, today there are much more secure methods to maintain user anonymity, although Bitcoin itself has never focused on anonymity and privacy. Block chain analysis is possible and only the best security procedures can minimize this risk.

Referral programs

If a Bitcoin Mixer offers a referral program where you are rewarded for recruiting, this way fees can be kept to a minimum or even small profits can be made. They work like other affiliate programs and are based on recommendations and revenue sharing.

How we tested Bitcoin Mixer

When we look at Bitcoin mixers, we look closer. We not only check the security settings, reliability and ease of use in practice, but also search the Internet for opinions and experiences. In doing so, we don't leave out any Bitcoin Mixer Reddit Post and don't ignore any forum post. We examine the providers very carefully so that we can only present and recommend those Coin Mixers for which we rate security and reliability as very high. At the same time, the best Bitcoin Mixers must of course be user-friendly, have transparent fees and offer various adjustments to the security and anonymity standards.

In addition to the theory, we of course also carry out various transactions and check whether the advertising statements of the BTC mixers are true. The practical tests are an important part to find the best cryptomixer on the market.

The best Bitcoin Mixers 2020 at a glance

We have briefly summarized for you here which providers we think currently dominate the market and are particularly recommendable.

1. SmartMixer

SmartMixer is considered one of the most trusted services on the market, scoring points for simplicity and complex customization options at the same time. The provider relies on three different pools for this purpose:

• Standard pool (here the coins of different users are mixed together)
• Smart Pool (via the user's coins, the service also mixes with its own reserves and coins from investors)
• Stealth Pool (Here the customers' coins are mixed exclusively with their own coins from the private Bitcoin pool and Bitcoins from investors)

The mixing itself is very uncomplicated and takes only a few minutes. Besides BTC, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are also supported. All you have to do is enter the receiving address and the desired delay (up to 72 hours) and that's it. Registration is not required, the fees are absolutely fair and there is a good discount program in addition to an excellent affiliate program with high commissions. Overall, the security standard is very high, the support is excellent and it is available around the clock. Whoever appreciates simplicity, but at the same time does not want to do without anonymity and a high level of reliability, will get his money's worth here.

2. ChipMixer

ChipMixer has benefited greatly from the hype surrounding Bitcoin Mixer and has developed very positively in recent times. The special feature of the service is the possibility to combine inputs privately, which makes it easier to keep track of many addresses. The provider has earned its good reputation over a long period of time, as it has been on the market for a long time and is fully focused on mixing Bitcoins.

The overall ease of use is high and the service is not only very safe but also highly reliable. Time delays of up to 48 hours are possible, and if you are looking for a solid Bitcoin mixer and don't want to mix other crypto currencies, this is where you'll get your money's worth, because the fee structure is fair on balance. Of course, no logs are stored, countless addresses can be added and the fees can be dynamically controlled via the desired security standard.

3. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet has become very popular, because it is a very good Bitcoin Wallet, in which a Chaumian CoinJoin mixer was integrated. This allows you to store coins anonymously via a provider and mix them comfortably. Although the infrastructure is centralized, it is so cleverly constructed that even the operator could still steal money from users by deanonymizing them. This makes the service very trustworthy and secure, because it practically only serves as an interface between the users. The whole concept is open source based and offers a very high standard of anonymity.

If you are looking for a Bitcoin wallet and mixer that offers everything from a single source, you should definitely take a look at Wasabi, because in terms of ease of use, fee structure and concept the provider is highly recommended. Besides Bitcoins, however, no other crypto currencies are offered and the setting options are a bit limited.


The differences between the various mixers on the market are sometimes very large. The larger the provider, the more honest transactions and mix processes take place in the same time window, which makes the transactions much more secure and thus ultimately more anonymous. It is therefore advisable to stick to tests and experience values of other mixers and by no means to simply trust blindly. The security measures of the provider itself must meet the highest data protection guidelines and you should always follow the most important rules before you arbitrarily put crypto currencies into mixer hands.

Mixing alone is often not enough

Even after mixing, Bitcoins always remain pseudo-anonymous due to the linking of addresses and recognizable patterns. We therefore recommend that you take additional security precautions in addition to the Bitcoin mix if you are really serious about anonymity.


1. Change the addresses more often.

2. Use secure browsers like the Tor browser

3. Use a VPN connection, with which you can disguise your IP.

4. Follow the most important data protection rules

If you take these additional security precautions and strictly adhere to them, you can significantly increase Bitcoin anonymity even more, regardless of which mixer you use at the end of the day.

Beware of advertising promises!

In the test we found that many providers in the market advertise with immediate anonymity. Deposit - Mix - Pay out Bitcoin anonymously. But it's not quite that simple. Large amounts should never be mixed in one go. Convenience should not become a security risk. We also recommend being very careful with new, unknown or supposedly dubious providers - after all, your money is at stake!

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