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Everything about our fees and discounts

We value your privacy; it is the reason why we aggravate any analysis on the blockchain by using a basic charge on miners' fee instead of using the minimal fee amounts.

On your first mixing operation, the platform will assign you a unique code called 'Smart Code'. The code prevents you from receiving the same coins you have mixed before at Smartmixer and gives you the possibility to profit from a membership discount on future mixing operations. This discount will be automatically calculated depending on the total amount on each currency you have mixed through the service. There are multiple discount levels. These can be viewed in following table:

Currency Min. Service Fee Miners' Fee per receiving address *
Bitcoin 1% 0.00023225 BTC
Litecoin 1% 0.035 LTC
Bitcoin Cash 1% 0.00523225 BCH

* What is a miner's fee? - Miners are responsible for confirming transactions in the cryptocurrency network. For confirming transactions, the miner will be credited a financial reward (miner's fee) depending on the network congestion. Without the miners, the cryptocurrency network wouldn't function, since the miners secure the network and make transactions even possible. This concept enables the network to attain financial autonomy.

* Note! - The miner's fee isn't charged by SmartMixer, but by the cryptocurrency network.

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